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Sea Party Of Kaluku Makkiana


One time was looking for fish in the sea the fisherman saw a coconut rotating around his boat, finally the fisherman brought home the coconut and planted near his home. Not unexpectedly since coconut planted many strange things that happen, the gardens more fertile, the more abundant seafood and many other unexpected things. Another oddity that occurs in the growing coconut can produce other new shoots around the tree without starting with the fruit, in which case the shoots appear by itself. When the new shoots appear will be followed by the death of the previous coconut tree, so onwards this coconut called as "Kaluku Makkiana" which in buginese means coconut breed, until now the coconut is still on guard by the descendant of the fisherman and can be seen in the alley sacred of Muara Badak Ulu Village, District of Muara Badak.


The activities that take place during the Kaluku Makkiana Festival in Muara Badak Sub-district, Muara Badak Ulu Village are bazaar of Smalll Medium Enterprises  that runs from 9 to 11 March, traditional dance competition takes place from March 9 to 10, regional fashion competition takes place from 9 - March 10th, the Regional Song Competition takes place from March 9-10, and on March 11 there will be a dawn prayer movement (tausiah, dhikr together), traditional maritime rituals taking place on March 11, the Ship Parade, Sijempoe, Mandre Sibawa. Special tausiah by ustadz H. Raden Affandi S. Psi (DA 1 MNC TV Jakarta).

The Spirit Of Napak Tilas Of Sanga Sanga

Napak Tilas is one of the routine agenda that is always commemorate of  the 70th Merah Putih event in Sub Sangasanga, Kutai Kartanegara. In  this year the participants of Napak Tilas followed by 128 teams.

This activity was released by Vice Regent of Kutai Kartanegara Edi Damansyah at Tugu Monument Perjuangan Merah Putih in Sangasanga Muara,. Edi Damansyah said, Napak Tilas is done not as ceremonial activity, but can be interpreted as part to commemorate the struggle that has been done the early warriors in freeing the Sangasanga from colonialist, which occurred seventy years ago.

He hopes, the trailer can also be interpreted as a means to cultivate a sense of  unity, an increase of the spirit of struggle in filling independence. "Let's hand in hands to build together, especially Sangasanga District to be more advanced and better, by working well, sincere in order to realize Kutai Kartanegara forward, independent, prosperous, and justice,"

In his Opportunity,  Head of Sangasanga Gunawan said that the 128 teams following Napak Tilas were from, students and youth groups from Samarinda, Sangasanga, Muara Jawa, Samboja and Muara Badak subdistricts. The participants will travel 10 kilometers from  village of Sangasanga Muara reached the capital of Sangasanga Subdistrict, and  the winner will receive  trophy.

Sensational Perform From Japan

Performing arts held at Rondong Demang Stadium on July 28, 2017 which still features three Folklore Japan, Thailand and Bulgaria participating countries and Indonesian features two group as participants. This is one of the rankings of Erau Adat Kutai & 5Th International Folk Arts Festival 2017.

The first appearance of its own host who performed the Sanggar Tari LSBK, followed by the appearance of the Japanese participants, then the host again from Sanggar Tari Temengang Lian lala from the participants again that is Thailand and Bulgaria.

Appearance of the Japanese country is able to amaze and make the audience hypnotized with the appearance  from Japan, especially when drums used to with fast and strong will alternately make goosebumps to hear it. As well as audience applause are not left behind, they are very - very welcome the festive appearance of the State of Japan.

Mamanda, The Old Kutai Drama

The Art of Mamanda participate on Erau Adat Kutai & 5Th International Folk Arts Festival Year 2017, Mamanda Arts performed in the parking lot Rondong Demang Stadium on Thursday night July 27, 2017 at 20.00 - 22.00 WITA. Present on this Mamanda art performance is Vice Regent Kukar Drs. Edi Damansyah, M., Si, the The Art of Mamanda participate on Erau Adat Kutai & 5Th International Folk Arts Festival Year 2017, Mamanda Arts performed in the parking lot Rondong Demang Stadium on Thursday night July 27, 2017 at 20.00 - 22.00 WITA. Present on this Mamanda art performance is Vice Regent Kukar Drs. Edi Damansyah, M., Si, the Heads of Tourism Department Section of  Kutai Kartanegara Regency and the outside community and in Tenggarong.

Mamanda Art Performance this time titled "Dendam Cinta Berselimut Angin". This story is told in a royal village of Panji Berseri, there is love between the royal youth with a beautiful village girl named Moon. At that time they love each other without the knowledge of parents. And at the same time there is an ordinary boy named Alif who wants to earn the love of the Moon. Unexpectedly his love was rejected with an arrogant tone because he already has a lover named Prince Kusuma Jaya Son Crown of Panji Berseri Kingdom, Alif did not remain silent, he went to a shaman to kill the pangerah so he could have Moon bias.

Prince finally got sick, and returned to Palace, upon arrival at kingdom, the king and the consort was very surprised to see his son who came with illness, the king also ordered the hero to find someone who can cure the prince. The hero also arrives in the courtyard with someone treating the prince. The prince is treated by an old recluse who is said to be able to treat sick people by buying. And Alif was arrested and brought  to The Kingdom of Panji Berseri to account for his actions against the prince.

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