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Establishment Of Group Conscious Jembayan Village Tourism

Located at the General Meeting Hall of Jembayan Village, Loa Kulu Sub-district was held the Formation of Aware Group of Tourists who attended the Head of Marketing Drs. Witontro and Head of Promotion Drs. Triyatma, and Head of Community Tourism Empowerment Susanti, SE. MM, from representatives from Sub-districts, Villages, LPM and Lembaga Adat, which took place on Thursday 18/5/2017. According to Hartono, who is the head of the Village Community Empowerment Institute, said that Jembayan is a village of Tuha (Old Village) as the predecessor of the existing villages, leaving behind many historical heritages, such as grave sites, jazz monuments, caves and japanese buildings, and other historical sites. He added that these potentials need to be managed and empowered with the maximum then one of them by forming a group of conscious awareness tourism or POKDARWIS who care and commitment to build Jembayan Village.

Otherwhile in the debriefing session by Head of Marketing Drs. Witontro said that Sadar Wisata is a condition that describes the participation and support of all components of society in encouraging the creation of a conducive climate for the growth and development of tourism in a destination or region.
According to him, Sadar Wisata Group, hereinafter referred to as Pokdarwis, is an institutional at the community level whose members consist of tourism actors who have concern and responsibility and play a role in supporting the creation of a conducive climate for the growth and development of tourism as well as the realization of Sapta Pesona in increasing regional development Through tourism and utilize it for the welfare of the surrounding community, "he concluded.

After a discussion and deliberation, a group of Jembayan village tourism awareness was formed with the name of "Rindu Kampung Tuha" with the chairman of Hartono, Vice Chairman of Sony, Secretary of Emmi Dehmi, Treasurer Hamisah and hope that these formed boards coordinate to form sections in POKDARWIS.

Closing Training Of Handicraft Wicker In Kedang Ipil Tourism Village

After one week of crafting workshop on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 09.30 Wita held at Balai Adat Desa Kedang Ipil conducted Closing Workshop of Handicraft Cooperation of Tourism Office, Village Government of Kedang Ipil and Pokdarwis Kandua Raya. Closing is done by the Head of Tourism Department Dra. Sri Wahyuni, MPP, accompanied by Head of Tourism Destination Development Ir. H. Muhammad Bisyron, Head of Tourism Development, Village Head of Kedang Ipil, Adat Leaders, Community Leaders and trainees.

Head of Tourism Office in his speech said that if Kedang Ipil Tourism Village want to exist and always visited by tourists should always keep the cohesion between the Village Government, Pokdarwis and Society. In addition, he also hopes to continue to maintain the values of Kutai Lawas (read Old Kutai) Traditional Culture and reduce it to the current generation so that the culture and customs of the well-maintained Old Kutai will not be eroded by the progress of the times.

At the end of his speech he expressed his gratitude to 2 (two) speakers of Anasfasia Esah and Mrs. Maretha who shared their knowledge, to the participants expected to apply the knowledge gained during this training and teach them to friends who have not participated in the training .

Training Of Restaurant And Restaurant Business Actor

Tourism Department of Kutai Kartanegara Regency held a training of restaurant and restaurant actors that have been done in Hotel Liza Tenggarong, in this training Tourism Office invites business actors such as restaurant owners and restaurants located in Tenggarong Kutai Kartanegara.

The training was also attended by all officials of the Tourism Office, an event that took place for two days bringing two competent speakers in the field, such as Nurul's mother who was also the hotel's business auditor, auditor in the field of travel services, auditor of MICE , Auditor of tourism consultant services, competency assessors in the field of hospitality.

Dra. Sri Wahyuni. MPP., As Head of Tourism Department, officially opened the training of restaurant and restaurant actors. In his presentation when opening training he said that for business actors such as restaurants in order to take the opportunity because Tenggarong has become a tourist city, even from six tourist attraction of Kutai Kartanegara and the most visited in Tenggarong that is Kumala Island, in this restaurant And restaurants should be cleaned up to be better than the service and when an entourage visit to Tenggarong.

Continues at the stage of giving material serving of food, and can registered the restaurant, to be recorded so easy to cooperate with related parties such as travel by the resource person on hygiene sanitation of food is health efforts in maintaining and protecting food hygiene, through controlling environmental factors from foods that may or may cause illness and or health disorder. Businesses are also included in the six principles of Food Hygiene from the selection of foodstuffs, food storage, food processing, proper cooking, the transportation of ready-to-eat foods, and the way in which food is served.

The Webbing Trainning At Kedang Ipil Tourism Village

On Thursday. May 11, 2017 at 09.00 am located at Kedang Ipil Custom Hall held the Opening of Webbing Trainning cooperated with Tourism Department of Kutai Kartanegara, Kedang Ipil Village Government and Pokdarwis Kandua Raya. They who Present in this event were the Head of Tourism Department represented by Head of Tourism Destination Development Ir. H. Muhammad Bisyron who officially opened by accompanied by Head of Tourism Development, Head of Kedang Ipil Village, traditional and community leaders and trainees. The number of participants who participated in this training is as many as 12 people.

This activity is a program of tourism destination development in improving woven skill for pokdarwis board and communities of Kedang Ipil. Head of Tourism Department represented by Head of Tourism Destination Development in his speech said that Local Government will also continue to develop the potential of handycraft, so the culture of woven crafts communities will not vanished. In addition the Department of Tourism provides in the form of support in the form of facilitation the trainers, increased utilization of natural resources, guidance of the basic industries of rattan and bamboo based craft.


Training will last for 7 days (11-17 May 2017), as for Instructors or trainers in this activity there are 2 (two) people who already have experienced in many trainings, both for East Kalimantan and other provinces. while training materials 20% theory and 80% practice. Training materials delivered are as follows:

1. Knowledge of materials and tools

2. Knowledge of craft design

3. Knowledge staining (theory)

4. Knowledge of coloring (practice)


Mecaq Undat Ceremony At Tabang District

The Mecaq Undat event that has been included in Tourism Event Calendar, this year is held on 5 s / d 6 May 2017 at  Bioq Lamin followed by 3 villages namely Ritan Baru, Umaq Tukung and Tukung Ritan, present at the event Secretary of Tabang District, The Head Section of Data and Information Tourism Department, Village Heads, Customary Council of Dayak Tabang, Tribe Chiefs and other general public.

The Mecaq Undat ceremony begins with spells recitation by the elder Dayak Kenyah Muara Ritan Around him a few other elders listen closely. The spell was recited for permission to the gods who had given them protection and fertile ground for them to farm.

The event continued by beating the gong by the Secretary of the Tabang Sub-district, as a sign of the undersea mecaq event. After that continued pounding rice on a long dimple lying in the middle of custom lamin, here the Dayak Kenyah communities together with officials, invited guests pound rice harvest this year to become flour.

In the life of Dayak Kenyah people, once rice becomes flour, it will be cooked by putting it in bamboo and cooked by means of burning, that is called Undat. According to the chairman of the committee of Saint, Mecaq undat is a customary party of Dayak Kenyah community that is held every year after harvest, and has been carried on from generation to age past to present.

The purpose and objectives of Mecaq Undat added as an expression of gratitude to God Almighty for the blessings and graces given to the farmers of the field so as to obtain abundant results, as well as an effort to preserve the values ​​of customs and culture that exist in Dayak pesah special community in Tabang sub-district, so the spirit of mutual cooperation existing in Dayak Kenyah community is maintained.

In the same night, the evening is performed by performing arts Datun Sun Bulak dance which demonstrates the period or life of nomadic Dayak Kenyah lepok tukung who now live in Belayan river, whose period of movement is 6 places or stages and each stage is depicted on the clothes worn By dancers

The Ritual Of Nutuk Beham At Kedang Ipil Village

As a gratitude to Almighty God, upon the harvested rice harvest, the elders of  Kedang Ipil Village held a Nutuk Beham, the event held on 28 to 30 April 2017, attending at the peak event, Provincial Tourism Office, Kutai Kartanegara Tourism Office, The Head District of Kota Bangun and other elements of Muspika, the Communities of Culture and Society of Kedang Ipil.According to the Chairman of the Nutuk Beham Organizing Committee which means to Nutuk Beham, is a ritual performed by the villagers of Kedang Ipil at the beginning of the harvest season. This ritual is carried out by involving all components of the community.


The Nutuk Beham custom procession takes place. The courtyard is built next to the village hall for 3 days and 3 nights non-stop with the amount of rice pounded by 2.5 Ton. Beginning by harvesting black and white sticky rice, rice or The grain is then soaked in water for three nights. Then the soaked rice is raised and roasted in a large skillet over the stove dug on the soil surface called ngehantuhui. Rice or grain that has been roasted is called the term beham. The beam is then cooled and continued by mashing to remove the epidermis on the beam. The procession pounding beham is then the origin of the name of ritual nutuk beham. The uniqueness of the process nutuk beham is using a dimple made from cempedak tree trunks and arranged in such a way on stage. Residents alternately and in groups start pounding or behams and when the pestle is crushed, the dimples emit distinctive and rhythmic sounds as the pounding force in the mortar.


Behams that have been pounded then in the tampi to remove the remnants of dirt and then directly processed into a cake, that is by splashing hot water or straw, then mixed with grated coconut and brown sugar (red) and in stir until evenly distributed and called the bungkal beham. Rump behams that have been placed on the container and can only be eaten after the gods (dukun) bememang (recite mantra) called the ancestors to join the meal as a form of gratitude for the people because of the abundant harvest.

Jepen Creative Dance Competition In The Context Of Culture Day

Jepen Creative Dance Competition In The Context Of Culture Day

In order to commemorate the 2017 Cultural Kukar Indonesia Marketing Assocition (IMA) Chapter Kukar implement Jepen Creative Dance competition elementary level in Kutai Kartanegara which took place on Sunday (16.04.2017) on the island of Kumala Tenggarong.

According to the chairman of the IMA kukar Hariyanto also General Meneger Grand Elty Singgasana Tenggarong, Indonesia Marketing Assocition (IMA) Chapter aquatic mammal newly formed 3 months ago, which consists of the entire steakholder and Multiplayer Marketing and Businesses in Kutai. He thanked for the participation of all participants who attend Jepen Dance Creations competitions with passion and enthusiasm, and also teachers who accompanying competitors, and hope the competitions can be preserve the art of Jepen Dance of Kutai, thus giving birth to an artist Dance creative future, he hoped that the activities of this race could be carried out regularly with the trophy.

meanwhile in the speech of its Head of Tourism Kukar read by Head of The floating Creative Economy, Syahliansyah said that the Tourism Department appreciates the activities of this race, so it becomes attractiveness for people visiting the island of Kumala Tenggarong as a tourist, in order to preserve the Cultural Arts, specially Jepen dance.

Jepen Creative Dance competition judged by the judge who is competent in the field of Jepen dance consisting M.Ihsan, H Eramsyah Sadi and Hj. Isnaina Usman, there was assessed the motion Dancing, Compactness, Koreo and costumes. After conducting a series of selected race champions Jepen Creative Dance competition, the following list of winners. The first winner SD 003 Tengggarong, second is SD 005  Muara Kaman, champion SD 007 tenngarong, SD 003 Tenggarong winner of The Best Koreo, The Best Costum SD 028 tenggarong, SD 012 sebulu as Favorite.

Cerau Nasi Bekepor Enliven Culture Day

In the framework
of the Culture is celebrated every April 12, Faculty of Social Politics
Unikarta held Cerau Nasi Bekepor and Nunu Suman ( read :traditional food of Kutai)
as well as the appearance of art Traditional music of the art community among
his of the Art and Culture Institute of Kumala, The Institute of art SMPN 1
Tenggarong, present
the way expert staff of Head Otoy Usman who officially opened the event, Head
of Education and Culture Kukar, Head of Tourism, as well as Unikarta Rector,
and the Dean implemented Unikarta yard.

Fisipol Unikarta Awang Rifani which is the initiator of the event Cerau Nasi
Bekepor said this event was supported by the Indigenous Peoples Bensamar, Indigenous
Bengkuring, Sempekat Keroan Kutai, Keroan Etam Kutai,  Palem Indi Tenggarong Community, this event
also commemorates Disnatalis Unikarta that to 33, as well as commemorate
of Juang Awang Long to 173, he said Nasi Bekepor choosed as the theme of the
event becouse Nasi Bekepor that has forgotten of Kutai, Nasi Bekepor namely
how to cook a typical kutai. Bekepor is cook the rice in the pot after its
water dried, crockery lowered beside the embers, so overcooked it evenly pot
are rotated
times, and his own cooking using wood fuel, but it is also Nunu Suman (Bakar Lemang)
he hopes that this event takes place every year.

his speech Rector said he welcomed Unikarta cultural events are packed in Cerau
Nasi Bekepor event and Nunu Suman, and the Local Culture can be sold in the
form of Culinary travel.
the expert staff of Head Kukar Otoy Usman in greeting her say on this occasion
government Kutai regency appreciates these activities which are not directly
build and arouse right back Indigenous Culture Kutai, and he hopes the Festival
Cerau Nasi Bekepor can take place every year as a repertoire of value tradition
of Kutai, and making a Solidarity Association based equality background, Solidarity
based on equality of backgrounds, He also said Nasi Bekepor are cultural
treasures that must be preserved to remember that culture eroded from Kutai
Society, the philosophy is how do we restore the spirit of mutual help in
building Odah Etam and hopefully this event embryonic growth and development of
Kutai culture.

The event was officially opened by drink of Air Benda (sap) and ignite firewood
by expert staff of Head Kukar who was accompanied by Rector Unikarta, Head of
Art Culture Department of Education and Culture, Head of Creative Economy Based
Media and Science Tourism Department and Dean Fisipol of Unikarta. The event
continued with Beseprah meal with the menu Nasi Bekepor, the guests were also
entertained by Beguntau which is a martial sport Kutai tribe.


Jembayan Kampong Tuha Festival 2017

Jembayan Kampong Tuha Festival caried on the Jembayan Village, District of Loa Kulu Kutai Kartanegara Regency was opened by Vice Regent of Kutai Kartanegara Drs. Edi Damansyah M.Si on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, the festival will take place on 22 March 2017 s / d March 26, 2017.

Kampong Jembayan Tuha Festival is The fifth festival in Kutai Kartanegara Regency, previously are Handil  Village Festival, Muara Kaman village festival, Kampong Tani Sumber Sari Festival, Kampong Bukit Biru Festivals, which are all implemented in the self or mutual cooperation. The Highway Culture Village Festival is a gate to enter and understand further the potential  that exists in the village, whether in relation to art and culture, history, nature, and so on.

In this case, Tourism Department of Kutai Kartanegara participate in Jembayan Kampong Tuha Festival, by opening the exhibition stand with the introduction of aquatic mammal tourism, as well as all the event which will take place annually. To know that Kutai Kartanegara has a precious and valuable heritage in the process of its history, the spirit of building Kutai Kartanegara Regency in the tourism sector would make a meaningful contribution on the world stage of Indonesian tourism in the national and international level.


The government also gave high appreciation to japung archipelago that has helped encourage active public participation Jembayan in the build process of formation and empowerment of community-based culture in the grassroots, so as to strengthen the resilience of culture, economy and strengthening etentitas as people who hold diversity of social culture that rests on.

LSBK Launching 13 MOTION BASE Jepen

On Saturday March 11, 2017, housed in yard of Planetarium jagad Raya Tenggarong, the Institute of Arts and Culture Kumala implement Launching 13 Basic Motion Jepen which was attended by the Head of Education and Head of Culture Kutai Kartanegara, represented by the Head of Development of Art area, the Head of Tourism, as well as artists, cultural observer and all invitation, in addition to launching 13 basic motion Jepen, as well as submission of the charter 13 diverse basic motion  jepen dance, also filled with music Tingkilan, and dances of Jepen and Dayak, like Dayak Temengang Yag Kelesau dance, Jepen dance offerings, Jepen offerings Dance , Leads Ketaq Bawo Dance, Jepen Begurau Dance, Dancing Together.


According to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee activities Hendra Atmaja, Launching 13 Basic Motion jepen is inseparable from the support of Sponsors and media patner participating success of this activity, adding this was the first held since the founding of LSBK, involving students elementary through high school as well as university students , in Tenggarong the training period 3 months, and during exercise also test 13 of basic motion of Jepen, for 2 days, which involve competent jury in the field of dance, he hoped in the future that relevant parties could consider proactively group or groups of arts in Kutai Kartanegara.

Hundreds of visitors from different communities and the general public comes packed on the Planetarium Jagad Raya.13 Jepan basis of the range of motion is Motion Yours (appetizer), Jalan Jepen, Samba, Samba half, Samba Full, Wave, Swing Kids,  Belau step ,  quests step, Kick Horse, tepok, Play Gasing and the last Tahtim, as demonstrated by the students and the students are guided by LSBK Dance Instructor.